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Lời bài hát


You turn on what I thought was good

And leave me behind

You should have loved me like you know that you could

But oh- no this won't be no hard goodbye

Oh- no you can't hurt me this time


She doesn't love- On my lord

It doesn't mean it's a tragedy, tragedy

She doesn't mean it - say that she don't

This dosen't have to be a tragedy, tragedy

All of my life

I was searching for the love that we had

Without knowing why

You turned around and treat me so bad

But oh- no I'll just hold my tears inside

oh- no maybe you'll find another lover who will cry

[Repeat Chorus]

On the phone for hours

But we had very little conversation

We spoke of words with no meaning

We spoke of love with no end

I'll tell myself agian

[Repeat Chorus]

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